Quilting Projects 2017

~ UFO’s Workshop: Tuesday 17 October @ 9:00

We will be doing ALL the UFO quilt project that was started this year NO excuse, Ladies you need to come and finish them (me included)!

~ Quilting Workshop: Tuesday 19 September @ 9:00

It is a fun project that may be used as a wall hanging or cushion, come and have fun by using up some off the remnants in the sewing basket.


~ Quilting Workshop:  Tuesday 22 August @ 9:00

House Pin Cushion and Tape holder sewing project.


~ Free Motion Quilting Workshop :  Friday  28 July 12:00 ~ FMQ 101

Free Motion Quilting 101 hosted by Telene Jeffreys from Lady Jane Quilting —

~ Free Motion Quilting Workshop :  Friday  28 July 12:00 ~ FMQ 101  Latte

Second Free Motion Quilting 101—Latte, hosted by Telene Jeffreys from Lady Jane Quilting —

  Do visits http://www.ladyjanequilting.co.za/ for more info on Lady Jane Quilting.

Who is Telene Jefferey’s > Free motion machine quilting teacher

Telene began teaching basic quilting classes in 2011 which developed into quilting for clients, specializing in custom free motion quilting. She also taught at IQCA and other quilt groups in her area.

She is an SAQG Accredited Quilt Teacher after successfully completing the Teachers Accreditation Course. In October 2014, she opened a quilting shop, Lady Jane Quilting, from where she teaches quilt related workshops on a weekly basis.

Telene has won numerous prizes for her quilts and attained Master Quilter Status from the SAQG.

In January 2016, BERNINA RSA appointed her as one of their Global BERNINA Long-Arm Quilt Ambassadors.

Free motion quilting is Telene’s absolute passion, and she is a firm believer that everybody can quilt. Her goal is to inspire students to simply try, as she knows they will never look back!


~Applique Quilt workshop :  Wednesday 14 June @ 9:30

My house is a home filled with Love

~ ‘Dilly Bag’ Quilt workshop :  Tuesday 24 May @ 9:30

~ ‘Applique House’ Quilt workshop :  Tuesday 26 Apr @ 9:30

~ ‘Quilt Ruler Bag’ workshop :  Tuesday 11 Apr @ 9:30

~ ‘Mock-Crochet’ Quilt runner workshop 2:  Tuesday 14 + 19 Mar @ 9:30

~ Creative Quilt Challenge competition workshop :  Tuesday 14 Feb @ 9:30


~ ‘Mock-Crochet’ Quilt runner workshop :  Tuesday 21 Feb @ 9:30