Embroidery Projects 2017

~ 3D Embroidery : Wednesday 24 October @ 9:00

The embroidery workshop will be a fun 3-D Puppet and soft Picture story book on the Three little piggies.


~ Mylar Embroidery : Wednesday 20 September @ 9:00

The embroidery workshop will be with Mylar, we will be using a Hatched butterfly design, bring along a friend and let’s make a gift bag, with this design and technique.

~ Pewter Embroidery : Wednesday 23 Aug @ 13:00

Due to popular demand we will be repeating Hester Steinman from Cuddle me Crazy’s Pewter embroidery Coasters only. A unique technique to create exquisite ‘pewter look’ designs!  Bring your own embroidery machine and discover a new technique! (Please make sure that your embroidery machine embroiders on at least a 5×7″ area).

Do visit http://cuddlemecrazy.blogspot.co.za/ for more info on Hester Steinman from Cuddle me Crazy.

~ Pewter Embroidery with Hester Steinman: Tuesday 29 July @ 13:00

Hester Steinman from Cuddle me Crazy will present a Pewter embroidery workshop which will teach you to produce unique, exquisite ‘pewter look’ designs!  Do visitshttp://cuddlemecrazy.blogspot.co.za/ for more info on Hester Steinman from Cuddle me Crazy.


~ Machine Embroidery Workshop:   Wednesday 21 June @ 9:30 >

“Embroidery Technique Bouquet“

Lace, Fringe, Stump-work, Placement, 3D, Cutwork, Puffy Foam, Applique…multi technique in one!

~ Machine Embroidery Workshop:   Wednesday 17 May @ 9:30 >            3D Quilt Flower

“3D Embroidery!”

Adding texture and 3D mediums to any project is easy and fun!


~ Machine Embroidery Workshop:   Wednesday 19 Apr @ 9:30 >         Lana Wool

~ Machine Embroidery Workshop:   Wednesday 15 Mar @ 9:30 > Cutwork

 ~ Machine Embroidery Workshop:   Wednesday 22 Feb @ 9:30 > Freestanding Lace