Every year the Women’s Agricultural Union’s (Vroue Landbou Unie) Cosmos branch host a weekend away for (hand selected by the schools) underprivileged young girls – the women of our future! 

During this weekend they teach these girls about self worth, love and self respect! It is a life changing experience for both the ladies who help during this weekend and the girls attending. Ladies we do not know how much we have to be grateful for, until we realize how little some people have and under what harsh circumstances these little girls grow up.

We are proud to be part of this fundraiser and am grateful to all BERNINA and WAU (VLU) ladies that helped to sell tickets for the BERNINA Domena Steam Press Lucky draw. We managed to raise a grand total of R 9,000-00 to sponsor 13 underprivileged girls to this special weekend, just for them!

The Lucky draw was held on the September Club day by Alice de Beer (the coordinator of this project).

IMG_6787 (2)Alice de Beer (WAU/VLU) and Elise de Bruin (BERNINA Middelburg) during the Lucky Draw.

Congratulations to An-Marie who was the lucky lady that won the Domena Steam Press.

An-MarieAn-Marie Joubert receiving her Domena Steam Press from Elise de Bruin (BERNINA Middelburg)

The local newspaper wrote about the Rabbedoe Lucky Draw (Afrikaans):

IMG_6839 (2)

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this initiative or if you could sponsor some girls financially for next year. You can even contribute in another way as even small donations such as  a bar of soap, hairbrush, toothbrush, face cloth etc are always welcome!

Thank you to everybody that make a difference in our community and especially to these girls lives!


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