Which BINDER to use?

Sew attractive edge finishes!


Used with Standard adapter shank # 75, Binder # 85 is an expert when it comes to tidy edge finishes. This presser foot binds fabric edges with bias tape quickly and securely, to create a neat edge.  With the help of its slotted metal cone, Binder # 85 wraps the bias binding perfectly around the edge of the fabric, holding it securely in place so that it can be stitched by the needle. With a bit of practice, Binder # 85 will have you sewing attractive edge finishes on garments, needlework and home furnishings. Enjoy the advantages of Simple binder # 85, which will introduce you to a world of greater sewing ease and precision.


2. BINDER ATTACHMENT # 87 for pre-folded bias tape:

Binder attachment # 87 is the ideal tool for sewing neat edge finishes with pre-folded bias tape, providing garments, home furnishings and quilts with an even, attractive finished edge. Binder attachment # 87’s attached bias-tape feeder ensures ease of handling and attractive, even edges. Available in a choice of three different widths, the attachment allows you to work with tape 13, 20 or 25 mm (1/2”,  ¾” or 1”) wide.  For the best performance from Binder attachment # 87 it must be used with the associated Binder foot # 95 / 95C. Easy-to-use Binder attachment # 87 for pre-folded bias tape lets you whip up elegant edge finishes in next to no time.


3. BINDER ATTACHMENT # 88 for unfolded bias tape




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